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Your Recruiting Strategy

What is your Recruiting Strategy?| Your company has a recruiting strategy, you just may not be aware of it. In most instances it was not planned out, it just evolved over time. It may be the "Post and Pray" system of hoping the right person applies to your want ad or sees your help wanted sign. The best company's, best leader and best coaches all plan ahead, prepare well and are ready to execute the plan before the need arises. The following are 5 tips to help you develop a winning strategy.

1. Identify the need.
You need to know that this vacancy is affecting your profitability giving you a clear financial motivation to fill that position.
2. Know what you want.
This does not mean getting HR to generate a job description. This entails a thorough understanding of the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to successfully do the job.
3. Review your hiring plan.
Who will make the hiring decision, how many interviews? Identify specific time lines to use in planning when interviews will be held, selections made and on-boarding of new hires.
4. Make intelligent decisions.
You are not looking for the best resume, the best interviewer or the best looking. You want to identify the best candidate for the job. Getting hung up on anything else is a distraction you cannot afford.
5. Know when to stop looking.
As they say in sales training, know when to stop selling. The same goes here. Once you have found the right candidate - make the deal. To keep looking, wondering if someone else would come along or needing multiple candidates for comparison just indicate that you failed to do what is in No. 2.

Once you have found the right candidate - make the deal. Good talent won't wait around on a slow hiring process.

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