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The McSweeney Group is a national full-service recruiting firm with expertise in permanent, contingency and retained search.

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Why Use a Recruiter

Recruiters know about jobs that are not posted on job boards. These might be jobs where the search is confidential or just not posted. Some companies simply choose to only use external recruiters to avoid a lot of the work. Job board postings can provide a lot of non-qualified candidates’ resumes, each of which needs to be reviewed regardless. Recruiters are a cost-effective way for companies to reduce some of this workload.

Most recruiters have long-term relationships with their clients and have earned trust over time. This means two things to the job seekers.

1.) When the recruiter presents someone, the company listens. If you approach the company on your own, you are a complete unknown. Just like contracting a painter or hiring someone to fix your car, a good reference goes a long way.

2.) The recruiter can explain what makes you a good fit and help you showcase your fit. Because the recruiter understands the corporate culture aspects that are hard for you to find in your research, they can tell employers how you fit. They can also help you understand the backgrounds of interviewers and what to wear to the interview.

Your Talent Agent
We specialize in the commercial interiors and packaging industry. If you are a match for one of our openings and considering a career change, we will evaluate your resume, coach you on your interviewing skills and guide you from initial interview through the offer phase.

No cost to you
All fees are paid by our clients. This does not affect any final compensation offer you may be presented. We are simply a professional service that they retain for locating and presenting outstanding talent. Very often the positions we search for are not publicly listed and as a part of our exclusive talent pool you have access to this "hidden job market".

Confidentiality assured
We realize the sensitivity with which your job search needs to be handled. When you submit your resume, you have our word we will adhere to your wishes regarding confidentiality. Your information will never be sent to any employer without your approval.

Resources and professional advice
Because we deal with many different corporations, we think we have a good idea of what hiring managers and human resource professionals look for. Really good talent are often terrible at being job seekers - you don't do it enough to have the expertise. We can help overcome that and present you in the best possible way.

The most talented people are often terrible at being job seekers  
they don't do it enough to have the expertise.

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