Shauna Packer

Shauna Packer

Senior Recruiter

Shauna Packer is a multi-award winning fiction and non-fiction author, editor, manuscript and content developer, researcher and public speaker. In addition to thirteen years of professional freelance writing experience, Shauna has also worked for over six years as an executive recruiter. This dual background gives her a unique perspective on how individuals can effectively position themselves in job searches.

Areas of expertise

  • Commercial Furniture

  • Recruitment

  • Career Coaching

  • Sales Management

Giving Back

  • By melding creative ideas, keywords and powerful writing, Shauna has assisted many corporate entities and individuals on how to brand themselves in meaningful ways through social media verbiage, resumes, mission statements, marketing campaigns and value propositions. She is a sought after consultant on the intricacies of social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Shauna holds a Bachelor of Science from University of Utah’s prestigious Organizational Communication program with a minor in Business Marketing. Her work, both fiction and non-fiction, has been featured in various magazines and anthologies.

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